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Fall/Winter '21

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    A casual top with a fun twist. The sleeves have straps attached to the end which you can tie up and create this charming sleeve. The fabric of this top is so smooth en drapes down beautifully. Looking charming and being comfortable is what the Nina top is all about.

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    This loose fitted, drapey blazer makes you look effortlessly chique. It comes with a belt that you can wrap around your waist to make your look even more special.

  • 139

    If you want to add something extra to your outfit, then the Janne top is your must-have. We’re in love with the puffy sleeves! What also makes this top fun is that it’s made from two different fabrics. The sleeves are made from a woven twill fabric and the body part is made from this soft ribbed frabic.

  • 199

    This one is perfect for every occasion! A family gathering, dinner, party, date night, lunch, you name it. Since the fabric is partly made from linen, the Susan dress can also be worn on a summer evening. So definitely a must-have for your sustainable wardrobe.

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    Positivity, being there for others and having fun is what makes Nina the happiest person. She aims for personal growth and uses it to make the world a little bit of a better place. Nina is a sweet combination between being out there and being relaxed. 

    These pants have a slim fit and go perfectly with the Nina top. They’re made from the same fabric so the colours are exactly the same.

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    This dress is your go to fall & winter dress. The soft knitted fabric will keep you comfortable all day. With the Rosanne dress you can create a day to night look really quick!

About Roses & Lilies

Roses & Lilies has stepped into the sustainable fashion world to make the fashion industry enjoyable for everyone. For the people who wear the clothes as well as for the people who make the clothes.

With elegance and comfort we create items for you to wear with pride. There’s no guilt, everyone and everything is treated in the nicest way possible. By using only sustainable & organic materials and producing in our own country we try to do the least harm to the environment. By producing in our own country we can guarrantee the garment workers are working safe conditions and get paid a living wage. Also we don’t use any fabrics that are made of/with animals.  So cruelty free as well!

Are you joining our mission to create a more enjoyable fashion world for everyone?