About Us

“Eco-luxe | Pure | Made in Holland”

Roses & Lilies

Our values

We believe in fashion where fairness is one of the most important things. By this we mean fair for the environment, fair for the employees and fair to the animals. We’ll take you on our journey to create awareness by establishing our clothing brand where customers can count on fair fashion. Roses & Lilies shows you how to treat your clothes sustainably, so you can enjoy your purchase endlessly. That’s how we’re building a fair, green future where quality and creativity are of great importance.

Roses & Lilies sees the current situation in the fashion industry as an opportunity to show the endless possibilities of clothes when it has been created in a sustainable and ethical way.

Why Roses & Lilies?
We wanted to create a brand name that was close to our names (Rosanne and Susan). Roses is derived from Rosanne and Susan is derived from a Hebrew name that means Lily. Hence the name Roses & Lilies.

about founder susan

Susan Verwayen | Founder

After my graduation I was searching for what I wanted to do next. I always wanted to start my own business, but didn’t really know what kind of business. Rosanne brought me back to an old passion of mine, fashion. When I was younger I always looked in magazines at what celebrities wore or in series like The Hills, and I drew those Top Model books completely full. But over the years I got multiple interests and fashion fell into the background. After Rosanne and I talked and exchanged some ideas, it just suddenly fell into place!

Rosanne Bal |  Founder

During my studies I found out what an impact the current fashion industry has on the environment and the health of the people who make our clothes. By studying this subject, I’ve become ambitious to do it right.

This gave rise to the idea of a brand that is committed to the environment and people. An honest clothing brand that leaves as small an ecological footprint as possible and where employees are treated fairly and can work in a safe and healthy working environment. A clothing brand where you can buy something new and be sure it’s 100% right. Together with Susan, I want to improve the world a little and prevent environmental pollution, without having to abandon our passion for fashion.

about founder rosanne
Core Values


We use luxurious materials to stand out with, but also feels comfortable and is soft on your skin.


We only use pure, sustainable and natural fabrics for our clothing.

Made in Holland

Our products are Dutch Design. We like our production to be near us for quick communication and good working conditions.