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Is sustainable fashion expensive?

To find out if sustainable fashion is expensive you can easily compaer the price tags of H&M and Roses & Lilies. But there is more to it than just the price tags. Let us tell you what that is. 


Of course fast fashion brands can offer a lower price because of the quantities they produce, which make it seem that sustainable fashion is expensive. But the amount of clothes that’s produced every year is a reason for concern. Producing in the amounts they do makes it that a lot of clothes go to waste. Every year millions of tons of clothing ends up in landfill or is burned. You can imagine how bad that is for the environment. We can easily change this by producing less, but that means that prices will go up. Which is not a bad thing considering we’re just throwing it away anyway.

Real fashion prices

When something costs as much as €10 for a t-shirt you’re not paying the real price. However somebody else is. As discussed in the alinea above, fast fashion brands can offer lower prices because of the quantities they produce. But there is another reason. Garment workers are not getting paid a living wage. This means that with the money they earn, they can’t live a normal life. So when you’re paying a low price like €10 for a t-shirt, just know that the garment workers are paying a part of your t-shirt too. 


Something to consider when purchasing a new item is: is this something that really fits my style and will wear for a longer period or do I just love it because it is hot this season? Buying trendy clothes is one of the reasons clothes get thrown away so much. When it is out of season you don’t like it anymore and will probably donate it or throw it away. Because at this point it only takes space in your wardrobe. So try to avoid the really trend sensitive pieces and go for items that really match your style and the items you already own. Of course when there’s a trend that really fits your style, then lucky you and go for it!


The quality goes hand in hand with the trendy clothes. The real trend sensitive items are produced in the quickest way to get them as soon as possible from the runway into the store. This quick production process can cost the quality of the clothes which means the items don’t have a long life span and will probably end up in your bin after just a few times of wearing the item. Make sure to check the quality of the clothing before buying something. 

Cost per wear

The quantity, the real price, trendy items and quality are all things to take with you when purchasing a new item. But the question was: is sustainable fashion expensive? We think whether something is expensive or not is different for every person. Of course you have to ask yourself if what you’re buying is ethical and environment friendly, but also: is it really worth it? And the answer to that question can only be answered by you! So to help you Roses & Lilies has created a tool to figure out if an item you want to purchase is really worth it: The Cost-Per-Wear Calculator

Cost-Per-Wear Calculator

It is designed to make you more aware of your purchase and lets you think if this is really an item you’ll wear more than just a few times. Click here to try it out!

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